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Workers rally for equal pay

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20,000 workers around Australia marched on June 10 to demand equal pay for women. The Australian Services Union (ASU) organised marches in 17 locations around the country in the biggest national rally for womens’ wages since the 1970s.

3000 marched in Sydney and in Melbourne approximately 5000 workers marched through the CBD. Rallies were held in all the capital cities and some regional towns.

Workers in female dominated sectors, such as community services, are paid significantly less than workers in male dominated industries. The average wage for women is 18 per cent less than the average wage for men, a gap that has changed little since the 1970’s.

The ASU is campaigning for pay rises of between 18 and 37 per cent for community sector workers. This would bring their wages in line with other sections of the workforce.

The Socialist Party participated in the national day of action and supports the demand of equal pay for equal work!

By Socialist Party reporters