Magazine of Socialist Action in Australia

Women take to the streets to fight against Trump

Demonstrating the worldwide hatred of Donald Trump and his policies, millions of women occupied streets around the world in late January demanding an end to sexism, racism and inequality.

The books of history have been rewritten as these demonstrations went down as the biggest coordinated international protests since those against the invasion of Iraq 14 years ago.

With half a million supporters at one rally in Washington alone, the protests were the largest ever seen in US history. The events have even shocked those who organised them! It is estimated that more than 5 million protesters turned out worldwide.

The mood on the rallies was one of anger at Trump’s attacks on women and his atrocious behaviour – which includes him admitting to sexual assault – as well as his extremely backwards views on women’s reproductive rights.

The centrality of the US to world politics and relations means that Trump’s policies can have an impact right across the globe. This means that we must build upon the international women’s marches and intensify the action against Trump and everything he represents.

The Socialist Party’s sister group in the US is at the fore of the anti-Trump protests and is building for major action on May 1. Not only are we fighting against Trump’s policies but also against the profit-driven system that created him.

Here in Australia we have our own equivalents to Trump that we need to fight against. The best way to undermine the likes of Trump, Hanson, Bernardi etc is to build a socialist alternative – a system of genuine social and economic equality where rights are strengthened rather than undermined.

It is up to us, ordinary people, to keep rewriting the history books. We need to maintain the struggle against right-wing populism and continue the fight for women’s rights, worker’s rights and democratic socialism worldwide.

By Angie Field