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Why I joined the Socialist Party

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Up until recently I didn’t really know what socialism was. I felt helpless watching the destruction of the planet and my daughter’s future.

I spent years thinking about ways to create free power, how to supply the world with clean water, and solutions to reduce pollution. Eventually I realised that these problems could only be fixed politically.

I looked at issues like climate change, poverty, racism and sexism and I realised they were caused by the way society was run. I had no outlet but I felt that I could not sit back and watch anymore.

Soon after I was lucky enough to work alongside a great socialist and trade unionist, the late Simon Millar. He spoke of a different society, a socialist society where the working class run things for the benefit of all. He convinced me to join the Socialist Party.

Capitalist production for profit does not make sense. Producing things this way is a huge waste and the cause for our planets destruction. Only by ending capitalism, and producing things for need, can we hope to have a decent future.

Joining the Socialist Party has given me hope and purpose. There is a strong sense of worth when you are working with others to change the world.

I understand that social change can seem like an impossible task, but it is our only option. We cannot allow capitalism to wreck the planet. Time is running out. We as workers are the majority and if we organise together we can make the changes we need peacefully.

I believe the Socialist Party is a great place for learning, development and change. The party is connected to the Committee for a Workers’ International in more than 40 countries which gives us lots of experience to lean on.

No matter what race, religion or gender you are we are in this together so let’s work as one for a socialist future for our children and the planet.

By Dan Lesslie


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