Magazine of Socialist Action in Australia

Why I joined the Socialist Party

I have always believed in socialist policies and the need to build a socialist alternative to the major parties. So the question for me was which socialist organisation should I join? My main reason for choosing The Socialist Party was because, unlike many other socialist organisations, they do more than just talk.

They involve themselves in the community and in concrete, relevant issues. Present examples of this are the parties contributions to the Unite campaign and involvement in the upcoming City of Yarra council elections. In this way I believe they make themselves accessible to ordinary working class people and in turn create opportunities for such people to be exposed to and learn about socialism as a natural progression of their struggle.

This was particularly evident during The Richmond Secondary College campaign in 1993, which was when I was first exposed to and became involved in the party. I would encourage anyone who is interested in joining a socialist organisation or simply wants to learn more about us to come along to a meeting.

By Sally Haddow, Melbourne