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Why I joined the Socialist Party

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It has been said before that we have a stark choice – between either socialism or barbarism. We either have a society organised and run in the interests of all, for the benefit of all, to fulfil human needs and to end exploitation; or we have a society with an ever increasing gap in wealth and power between classes, wherein the poor will bear the brunt of climate, nuclear and technological disasters.

The choice to me has become obvious, rather than continuing our present course, we must opt to make radical structural change. The only means of doing this, I believe, is for ordinary working people, collectively, to take control of their lives, countries, communities and workplaces. By doing this, we also abolish class distinctions, which is rooted in exclusive control of the means of production by capitalists.

No mainstream party is committed to actual structural change – neither Labor nor the Greens included. Labor, for example, long ago abandoned the language of class struggle and is unwilling to commit to socialism. They consistently collaborate with capitalists and betray the working class.

I joined the Socialist Party because I believe that to achieve this change we, the working class, must be organised and committed, that we must help educate all working people about the reality of capitalist society; the reality of class struggle, exploitation and economic inequality. To do away with capitalism we require a true worker’s party, the Socialist Party is the beginning of that.

By Dane Letcher


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