Magazine of Socialist Action in Australia

Why I Joined the Socialist Party

I joined the Socialist Party after being inspired by the ideals that the party advocates. Under the current Coalition government, the flaws of the capitalist system are even further exaggerated. Increased economic advantages are given to the wealthy whilst all the heavy lifting of the country is done by the working class.

As a woman in my mid 20s, a couple of years out of university and into my career, financial stability and a secure housing situation seems an impossible goal. Under the current economic system people are not given a fair chance at stability and financial comfort, even after going to university and contributing to vital services such as education, health care and social services.

What drew me to join the Socialist Party in particular, was that even though there are other left leaning parties that have policies that I agree with the fundamental problem is the capitalist system itself.

Other parties may offer better policies than what is in place at the moment, but for real change to happen a complete new economic structure is needed. I see socialism as the answer to a large number of social, economic and political problems globally.

By Emma Duncan