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Why I joined the Socialist Party

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Two new members of the Socialist Party explain why they joined.

There are many reasons I could give as to why I believe that socialism is better than capitalism. I was raised in a family that cared about politics. I grew up in a working class area in France with parents who were influenced by the mass movement of May 1968.

I have also acquired knowledge about socialism and its political philosophy at university. While studying the Greeks and their mythology teachers told us that the Athenian society, as an early model of democracy, had disappeared through war, despotism and greed.

It seems that those who profit at the expense of the majority will always be opposed to a system that is based on the values of humanity and solidarity. Regardless of how many times the rich try to stop us from building a society based on these values, I will always believe in a better world – a world that is more logical than capitalism.

I joined the Socialist Party because capitalism is a system based on oppression and exploitation. It regards the world as merely a mountain of resources to be destroyed. I want to be part of a group that is fighting for an alternative.

By Brune Goguillon, Melbourne


I strongly believe that through scientific innovation many of the challenges that the planet is currently facing can be addressed. In my mind the most important of these include global climate change and energy issues brought about due to our overdependence on fossil fuels.

A focussed strategy to genuinely address these challenges (including food security and diseases) would motivate young people including myself to seek out alternative solutions and bring about a new scientific revolution.

Ultimately, this would also lead to the development of many high quality jobs that will have a real benefit to society instead of the typical job that is either low paying, uninspiring and/or uninteresting.

Scientific gains need to be complimented by reforms that support fundamental human rights including marriage equality, asylum for refugees and access to education, health and food. These basics are currently being denied to many people worldwide. As a gay person and a scientist these are the things that matter to me.

I believe that a more equal society will have the added benefit of addressing many social issues such as crime, racism and poverty. We need to stop wasting society’s energy and resources for the sole purpose of short term profit. I joined the Socialist Party because real change needs to happen now.

By Matthew Myers, Perth


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