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Why I joined the Socialist Party

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I decided to join the Socialist Party because I wanted to become more politically active amongst like-minded people. My view is that Australia’s liberal democracy has failed in all aspects of life – environmentally, socially and economically.

It is clear that none of the major parties are offering a viable alternative to the destructive capitalist system in which we are embedded.

It’s apparent to me that the promise of a better life and a decent future for all comes with fine-print conditions of class and colour. At the same time the interests of corporations, and a miniscule elite, are forwarded every opportunity by a compliant, fawning press.

Far from delivering anything of value to ordinary people, I think this broken system is marching us headlong into catastrophe. I want to do what I can to change it.

My main focus is on modern queer politics, having become increasingly frustrated with the assimilationist stance of the leaders of the gay community, who seem more and more to represent the needs of a small group of white, successful, middle-class gays and lesbians only.

I don’t want to assimilate into a broken, elitist, white patriarchal system in exchange for some limited rights that should already be afforded to all. To do this would be to neglect the pressing issues of discrimination and violence experienced by working class queer people and queer people of colour.

The Socialist Party, with a class outlook, can play a role in developing the type of political representation that queer people deserve.

By Brandon Chant, Melbourne


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