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Why I joined the Socialist Party

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In the Socialist Party I have found like minded people who like myself, continue to question. Question the capitalist system as it works to transform us into obedient slaves. Question the rule of the almighty dollar and the greed that has sent the world into a hypnotisation of materialisation.

I’ve always fumed over the fact that we live in a political system that values profits over human lives. The nature of our society and the ownership of the means of production by a tiny minority means the majority of people must sell their ability to work in return for a measly wage. What I know is if you don’t have the choice then you don’t have the freedom to choose.

My membership with SP has helped me co-organise the first high school strike at my school which saw over 30 students attend the protests that coincided with the arrival of George Bush in Australia. Also by organising two SP members to speak at our school political discussion group, the “Alliance”, it has seen increased interest in left politics at my school.

The Socialist Party to me are vibrant and dynamic. They believe in building a world where people work for the benefit of all. I have been inspired, uplifted and made to feel welcome and part of something real. I want do some good in this world while we still have it. That’s why I joined SP.

By Erin Marie Horwood, Melbourne


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