Why I joined the Socialist Party

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Two new members in Melbourne explain why they joined SP

Like many people, I was incredibly frustrated by the in-egalitarian and mediocre state of politics in Australia. The seemingly permanent approach to politics here involved complaining about the various parties’ failings, then greedily obsessing over their leadership struggles in a poor excuse for political acumen. A philosophy student, I was also irritated by the sometimes sterile context in which opposing ideas emerged: closed off, inaccessible or unappealing to the people they purport to concern. There is no reason things can’t be better than this.

I was impressed by the Socialist Party’s commitment to helping disenfranchised people organise themselves, such as their work establishing public housing residents committees and their efforts to unionise the retail and fast food industries. They are ideologically principled yet lack that sectarian madness for which many leftist groups are so well-known. Just as importantly, I was impressed to hear even their youngest members provide passionately erudite political assessments that rivaled the most well-known ‘political commentators’.

I joined the Socialist Party because I am convinced the combination of their commitment to a radical emancipatory project, comfortableness with the Marxist tradition and strong awareness of their context is the best way forward.

By Chris Dite


I’ve always been passionate about politics but my interest was heightened during my secondary education. During this time I was appalled by the actions of those in power. Be it the Bush administration’s imperialist policies, the bailouts for the rich or the free-market economics championed by Howard, I was horrified.

World developments coupled with studying the French and Russian revolutions lead me to look at the works of Orwell, Marx and Trotsky. I soon realised that we need to replace the archaic capitalist system that to this day, continues to create chaos and hardship for millions around the globe.

It was with this in mind that I decided to join the Socialist Party. I had been aware of the party’s work in the community and learnt of their passionate involvement in protests and community campaigns. I admired their commitment to struggle no matter how great or small. Being a member of the Socialist Party is truly unique. I am now part of a party that has the dedication to struggle against all odds.

By Conor Flynn