Magazine of Socialist Action in Australia

Why I joined the Socialist Party

I developed an interest in politics and in social and environmental justice while at school. I think socialism has a unique way of making sense of the world. It doesn’t ignore the class divide in society, exposing the real distribution of wealth, oppression of capitalism and the power of the unity of all working people to change this exploitative system.

The governments of wealthy countries who have the capability and responsibility to change towards renewable energy continue to support, expand and protect the fossil fuel industries! I think this insane contradiction demonstrates the increased need and urgency today for people to take action.

I joined the Socialist Party because I agree with the way they operate building for social change. The internal workings are open and democratic and the regular meetings encourage discussion and debate of history and theory that helps to expand and challenge my understanding of the world, which I think is important for developing direction.

But most importantly this is coupled with active involvement in current campaigns at an international, national and local level. This advances the struggle by building solidarity to fight for a system that provides for the needs of people and the environment.

By Jas Shepherd, Melbourne