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Why I joined the Socialist Party

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I am an international student from Vietnam and I have been interested in politics since I was in high school. Initially I was influenced by my family who lived through two wars in Vietnam and were quite patriotic.

After doing some reading I knew that I would have to look further than patriotism if I was going to find a way to affect change. I gradually moved in the direction of socialism which I think it is system that would benefit all people.

With lots of questions, I went to Australia to study. It was here that I made contact with the Socialist Party. I went to some meetings and attended some rallies where I learnt about the struggles of people from many different countries. I realised that workers everywhere face the same source of oppression.

Many of my questions were clarified. I saw that no matter where on the planet you were born the one thing that brings us together is that workers and the poor have the same enemy – capitalism.

Just talking though is not enough, we have to act. Fighting for a better tomorrow is not unrealistic. We just need to be organised around the right politics. Socialism is definitely the way!

By Tim Tran, Melbourne


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