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Why I joined the Socialist Party

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As I entered my mid-teens, exposure to a mix of world events, music and political material increased my concerns about the political situation around the world today. The continued decline of human rights, living standards and democratic and economic freedoms eventually led me to a breaking point.

I needed to find solutions to what seemed like a colossal interconnected world-wide mess. I was looking for something that would offer logical conclusions and an overall analysis of the world coupled with real solutions to the problems we face.

After meeting a few members of the Socialist Party, I was initially taken aback by their ideas. But after considering them, I soon realised that their critique of past and present society, and the alternative they presented, was the most scientific and evidence based I had ever heard.

However, I did not join straight away. I was still unsure and apprehensive about their methods of organisation. Fantasies of affinity groups and other forms of political activism which may have required less commitment seemed, at first, more attractive.

Then I had a realisation. The reason the Socialist Party and its international sister parties are so effective and efficient in their work is because their political and social ideas of democracy and egalitarianism, inform the way they operate. No other group is making such a difference for the working-class worldwide on a daily basis. This party is struggling for a future society based on maximum freedom, democracy in every possible instance and the welfare of all people – in other words socialist principles.

That is why I decided to join, and why you should too.

By Oliver Marras, Melbourne


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