Magazine of Socialist Action in Australia

Why I joined the Socialist Party

I started to become more interested in politics after a fall at work.

Being injured, I was unable to continue to be sponsored as a skilled migrant. Instead, I found a job in retail. This was my first exposure to people that are not just interested in sports.

I met lots of LGBTI people, older people, and people from other races and religions. Funnily enough, everyone was a real person with nothing to be afraid of.

Working in retail was also the first time that I felt I was really being taken advantage of. Everyone was struggling to make ends meet.

It got me looking around at broader society and looking at other instances of racism, oppression and workers’ rights abuses. All the issues seemed to stem from the quest for profits by individuals at the expense of the many, especially those that are “different”.

I started reading about the economy and how money traverses the globe. Which lead to me finding out about countries like the US that force developing countries to take on loans while having to buy infrastructure improvements from US contractors.

It appalled me to discover that if underdeveloped countries refused such loans, or if a left or socialist leader got elected and tried to oust these imperialist interests, they were often “removed”.

I thought I needed to read into this socialism that US imperialism was so against.

So, I read up as much as I could. And then reached out to the Socialist Party to answer a few questions that had been raised from my reading.

I am so glad I did, the members are knowledgeable, selfless and welcoming. No group that I have been involved with before have been as open or encouraging, helping me to grapple with new topics and the socialist view on current issues.

I haven’t found a stance that I disagree with so far and the history is enthralling.

By Jason McNally