Why I joined the Socialist Party

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Throughout high school I started to become aware of society’s injustices. I am especially interested in protecting the environment.

It’s wrong that our future is put at risk because it’s more profitable to burn fossil fuels than it is to invest in renewable energy. Because of the profit motive, the conservation and protection of our native plants and animals is abandoned.

The problem was that I didn’t know why all this was happening or how I could stop it.

Prior to attending the Socialist Party’s Revolutionary Ideas day school, I thought it might be possible for capitalism to adopt some socialist policies. I thought the system could be fixed.

But I came to realise that environmental destruction and social problems are actually caused by capitalism. I also learned that under capitalism the working class are exploited.

The system is driven by profit. It’s not profitable to fix climate change or to pay workers more. The only way to deal with these major issues is to change the whole system.

I don’t trust any of the major parties with our future. I think it is important to exercise our right to vote but why vote for the major parties when they don’t represent the interests of working class people? We need a party that really stands on our side.

I joined the Socialist Party because they represent the ideas and values that I hold. We share a vision of how the world should be.

Most importantly the Socialist Party are not focused on elections alone. They see the change coming from the power of the organised working class. It’s through revolution that we will win socialism and change the world for the better.

By Lisa Taylor