Why I joined Socialist Action


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I walk the streets of my suburb and my city and it could be anywhere in Australia. There is a growing number of people living hard. They have no shelter, no food or money. Many are forced to beg out on the streets to survive. They are mostly ignored and often shown little sympathy.

Even those with jobs are caught up in their own struggles, and under pressure to make ends meet. Wages remain stagnant and the cost of living is rapidly increasing. Time with family and friends – a break from the day-to-day grind – is foregone in order to pay off household debt.

We have a government that is fuelled by corruption and corporate greed. They have shown repeatedly over the last few years that they do not care about the issues facing the majority of the population.

The government prefers to spew lies, hatred and bigotry in order to scare and intimidate voters. They do their best to divide us in order to keep themselves in power.

Militarised police carry out the agenda of their big business masters. They want to silence those that dare to speak out against the corporate order. The capitalist system that we are forced to live under is clearly broken.

I sought out and joined Socialist Action, to not only to educate myself about politics and the prospect of a world where everyone has a chance to prosper, but also to join a movement where together we can make this happen.

By Matthew Howe

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