Magazine of the Socialist Party in Australia

Why I joined the Socialist Party

They say that human nature is naturally violent, selfish and self-indulgent, but it couldn’t have just emerged abruptly. Like most things, it has evolved and adapted according to its material history. It is a product of the society and structures that have made our environment, for we are part of nature after all.

I joined the Socialist Party because I believe that there is space for kindness and goodness in human nature. On the basis of a different structure for society we could draw out the best in people.

It is distressing that diminishing numbers of people have the privilege to experience this goodness, and that it has been commodified to the point where only some can afford to experience it. Basic needs like shelter, water, electricity etc have been sold off as commodities while things we often don’t need are heavily marketed and advertised as a basic necessity.

It somehow implies that the road to goodness is paved with the consumption of goods. Are there many public spaces that haven’t been commercialised? Why do we have to constantly justify our existence by how much monetary value can be milked out of us?

I think that socialism would allow us to re-distribute material goods in order to strive towards a more equal society. A society where sharing is part of human nature and our existence is not constantly being valuated. Sharing no longer means allowing someone to stay in your house without it being a form of investment, or caring to ask how someone’s day is going without having a 5-star rating in mind.

I want to change all that. Above all, I joined the Socialist Party because I hope to create a world where we can encourage each other to be good to one another.

By Bella Singal