Magazine of the Socialist Party in Australia

Venezuela: Oppose the practice of ‘disappearing’

Long-time social and political activist, and Venezuelan government secretary, Alcedo Mora has been missing since February 27.

By Mark Poore, Socialist Party

In the oil-rich country Alcedo Mora has spent the past few years undertaking an investigation into contraband fuel trafficking between Columbia and Venezuela. He has been attempting to uncover the possible involvement of state functionaries and senior figures of the state-owned oil company.

Contraband trafficking of cheap fuel has been a problem that the government is seeking to address. Obviously this threatens to expose corrupt officials and capitalists who profit immensely from the process.

With the Venezuelan revolution facing an impasse a number of problems are coming to the fore. While some state institutions have been supportive in their response to the disappearance of Alcedo Mora the government of President Maduro needs to take a much stronger stand. We can not return to the past where forcible disappearances in Venezuela were common place.

While campaigning against such disappearances is urgent now, ultimately the solution is to address the revolutionary impasse. As a starting point corruption in the state bureaucracy needs to stamped out, while more of the economy needs to brought into public ownership under democratic workers control.