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US refugee deal likely to proceed

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After months of uncertainty, the US refugee deal seems to be going ahead. Some, but not all of the refugees on Manus and Nauru look to be settled in the US in exchange for refugees from South American and African countries.

This could be the end of the travesty for some of the people detained on the infamous offshore camps. Their only crime is that they have fled war and persecution. While coming to Australia would be a much simpler option, the more lengthy and expensive US deal is designed to conserve the strict border policies of the Australian government.

In part, these polices serve to divert people’s attention away from the real problems we face. Refugees are a useful scapegoat, held up as people ready to ‘steal our jobs’, ‘take our university places’, or ‘use our services’. The idea that people who seek safety are the source of society’s problems is complete nonsense.

The refugee problem stems from the capitalist system, a system that prioritises profits over human wellbeing. Capitalism creates wars as well as the social and environmental issues that force people to leave their homes.

The reality is that billions of dollars are wasted on the cruel detainment of innocent people, including children. It is clear that money is not the issue. Further confirming this are reports that the government has offered tens of thousands of dollars in an attempt to persuade vulnerable people to go back to the unsafe countries which they fled.

The real solution to the refugee crisis lies within the creation of a new type of society. A socialist society based on co-operation and sharing the wealth would settle refugees in the community, and redirect resources away from inhumane camps into providing jobs, homes and services to all those who need them, including refugees.

By Angie Field

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