Magazine of the Socialist Party in Australia

UNITE: What’s this new campaign about?

Let’s stop the rip off of casuals!

UNITE is a new campaign fighting for the rights of casual workers, starting with a campaign on Brunswick St, Fitzroy. We are asking employers if they:

a) Comply with basic occupational health and safety laws (1985 Act)
b) Have equal pay for equal work
c) Provide pay slips and a clear breakdown of casual loading
d) Have no ?free trial work?
e) Don’t victimise workers wanting to join a union
f) Adhere to anti-discrimination laws

Those bosses who prove they are doing the right thing will get a sticker to display on their outlet. Let’s see what bosses refuse to meet the most basic of requirements for their workers!

Australia has the second highest rate of casualisation in the world with over a quarter of our workforce being represented by casual workers.

Casuals don’t receive basic entitlements like sick leave, holiday pay, leave loading, or redundancy pay. Bosses also have the luxury of hiring and firing at random, often keeping someone on as a ‘trial’ for a short period then terminating them to employ someone else that can be given the same treatment.

There is no notice requirements for casual workers, they can be terminated at any time. Applications for loans and credit cards will more often than not be turned down, casual workers are not seen by banks as being able to keep up regular payments, and with the current terms of casual work, they are probably right.