UK: TUSC provides left wing challenge

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The Trade Union and Socialist Coalition (TUSC) conference was held on January 24 in London to discuss the May 2015 local and general elections. Already it has been confirmed that over 600 council candidates and at least 51 parliamentary candidates will stand for TUSC on an anti-cuts platform.

TUSC provides a left wing, working class and socialist alternative to the main parties’ diet of cuts, privatisation and attacks on democracy. This alternative is essential in the UK as Labour has transformed into a big business party and people are fed up with austerity.

A left wing challenge is all the more important given the presence of the UK Independence Party (UKIP). This anti-immigration party is attempting to whip up racism and division as people search for answers to the economic crisis. UKIP supports austerity measures and have the same big business backers as the other major parties.

The Greens are presenting themselves as left wing but they too supported £50m worth of cuts in Brighton & Hove. By highlighting the real causes of economic crisis and austerity TUSC aims to unite the working class and point towards the need to flight back against capitalism and build a democratic socialist society.

By Emma Linacre