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UK: Huge protest against austerity

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A vast mass of people compressed into the streets of London on Saturday June 20 eager to show their anger and opposition to the Tory government’s vicious austerity agenda.

By Socialist Party reporters

Estimates of the huge turnout ranged from 70,000 to over 200,000. The mood was buoyant, as the size of the demo brought home to everyone that the fight back against the government’s plans has really begun, and this just six weeks after the shock result of the general election.

After an opening rally of speakers the march set off through the City of London, packing the streets through to Blackfriars and then along Fleet Street towards its destination – Parliament Square.

Many of the individuals and groups – who came from all over the country – were new to demonstrating. Young people were strongly present. All clearly felt that they can’t sit back and watch a renewed onslaught on people’s living standards, while the richest get richer.

The hundreds of placards on offer from the Trade Unionist and Socialist Coalition (TUSC) were eagerly snapped up while thousands of Socialist Party leaflets promoting the need to build for a 24-hour general strike were enthusiastically taken.