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TPP: Bad for workers

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The Trans-Pacific Partnership (TPP) is a massive trade agreement that a dozen countries are secretly negotiating. Like other trade agreements, the TPP threatens to surrender more power to big corporations at the expense of communities, workers, and the environment.

By Kshama Sawant, CWI in the US

We know, from leaked documents, that this trade agreement could give big corporations the power to sue states for laws or regulations implemented which they believe would reduce their future profits.

Likewise, corporations could sue other countries in the TPP. Protective environmental regulations, health and safety laws, and even labour rights could be challenged or repealed.

In the name of eliminating “illegal trade barriers” the TPP promotes the off-shoring of jobs. It also opens up such basic protections as food safety rules to challenge by corporations, if the rules set higher standards than those in the trade agreement.

Socialists oppose the TPP and stand against the stifling of debate and the fast-tracking of an agreement developed in secret with such great potential for harm.

Defeating the TPP will require a strong and coordinated movement in all the countries affected. We must organise against the TPP and any trade agreements or legislation that threaten people and the environment in the name of corporate profits.