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If you were to take the capitalist press seriously you would think that Karl Stefanovic’s wedding was biggest story of 2018. Hundreds of articles were written analysing the extravagant party put on the by the boorish TV presenter and his partner, who is apparently a very important shoe designer.

While the mainstream press does its best to divert our attention with irrelevant celebrity stories, they mostly gloss over major developments in Australia and across the world.

We are told to leave the big issues to the ‘professionals’, that political matters are too complex for the lowly workers to understand. But accepting this sort of logic gives a free pass to the rich and powerful.

Far from distracting and confusing our readers, The Socialist looks at the way society works. We analyse how wealth is created, the real interests of the different classes, and the ways that ordinary people struggle against injustice and against the system.

We stand for a different way of running society and believe that understanding the world is a precondition to changing it.

The Socialist is not owned or controlled by big business and it does not promote their views. We are completely funded by our readers and supporters. We think this is crucial to ensure that we regularly bring you news and analysis from the standpoint of the 99%.

With that being the case, we need people to buy and subscribe to our magazine in order to cover our reporting, production and printing costs. Between February 7–21 we are having a subscription drive, and we encourage everyone who supports our brand of fighting journalism to subscribe during this time.

An annual sub only costs $50, or $100 solidarity price. If you subscribe during the drive you will also receive a free copy of our pamphlet ‘What is Democratic Socialism?’ Subscribing is a great way to support the socialist cause, not to mention a great way to avoid the tedious and boring life of Karl Stefanovic!

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The COVID-19 pandemic has laid bare many of the problems with capitalism. The Socialist strives to explain the systemic causes of this crisis, and reports about the issues that are important to working people. We also help to organise struggles against the powers that be.

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