Magazine of Socialist Action in Australia

Successful gig against racism

The venue, Whole Lotta Love, in East Brunswick (Melbourne) was nearly full on Sunday June 7 for the #NoRoomForRacism campaign fundraiser. Attendees donated around $750 which will be used to promote, organise and stage the upcoming rally against racism on July 18.

By Jorden Griggs, Socialist Party

Entertainment for the afternoon was organised by local activist and artist, MC Ezekiel Ox with the assistance of DJ Marze. Local singer-songwriter Les Thomas played a few tunes and out of an on stage jam session a new group called the Anti-fascist All Stars was formed.

Ox wowed audience members with his looped beat-boxing, manipulated vocal harmonies and hard-hitting, left-leaning rap, before giving the stage to DJ Marze, who kept the crowd moving with smooth hip-hop tunes.

Les Thomas, performed an intimate acoustic set, playing a magnificent updated rendition of Woody Guthrie’s ‘All you Fascists Are Bound to Lose’ while the Anti-fascist All Stars finished the afternoon with an improvised set.

The afternoon was a good chance for all involved with #NoRoomForRacism to celebrate their achievements thus far, including: the successful Reclaim Australia counter-rally on April 4 and the previous weekend’s ‘Uniting against Islamophobia’ forum, before continuing to build and organise for upcoming antiracist events.