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On the July 27, the Socialist Party hosted their annual Subversive Action day school. Throughout the day a variety of issues were discussed but the central theme of the day was the climate crisis. One of the main messages that came through was that the root cause of the climate crisis is the profit-driven capitalist system.

The first session, introduced by David Elliott, discussed how capitalism started and how it has evolved. Capitalism itself came about through revolution after previous social systems outlived their usefulness. Today capitalism has outlived its usefulness and new revolutionary upheavals are beginning to be seen. But the key to making revolutions successful in this era is organisation.

Following this Jeremy Trott introduced a discussion on the main differences between anarchism and socialism. Both socialists and anarchists want to change the world, but there are important differences in how we approach this. Socialists have a clear orientation to the working class, and believe a revolutionary party is needed to take on capitalism, which is a highly centralised system.

The third session focused on the environment and the climate movement. Kat Galea spoke at this session about how just 100 corporations create around 70% of all global emissions. While making individual changes to our lifestyles is good, the only way to effectively save the planet is to bring these companies into public hands so that a sustainable plan of production can be introduced.

We finished the day with a Q&A session with Belgian climate activist, Mai Vermeulen. Mai has been involved in the climate strikes in Belgium and she reported about the movement there.

Climate change is an international problem that needs an international solution. The fight against climate change and capitalism must also be waged worldwide. Mai helped us exchange ideas and draw lessons from Europe that can be applied in Australia.

Overall, the day school was a great success. All four sessions were interesting and the discussions were vibrant and diverse. It was a good opportunity for both Socialist Party members and new-comers to come together and discuss the best way to challenge capitalism and fight for a socialist world.

In addition to other day schools, Subversive Action will be held again in 2020.

By Kai Perry

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