Subversive Action day school July 27

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The Socialist Party’s 2019 ‘Subversive Action’ day school will be held on Saturday July 27 in Melbourne. The school will be an opportunity to discuss ways to change the world against the backdrop of a climate catastrophe.

Starting at 11am, the first session, ‘How capitalism started and how it could end’, will look at how the current social system came into being. Capitalism was preceded by other social systems. In each case revolutionary events ushered in a new type of society. This session will look at how the world has transformed in the past, and how it could be transformed in the future.

After lunch, at 1.30pm, there will be a session titled ‘What’s the difference between socialism and anarchism?’ Both socialists and anarchists want to build a new society based on equality and community, but which social forces are best placed to effect change, and what type of organisation do we need? This session will give an overview of the ideological differences.

At 3.15pm we will discuss ‘How to stop capitalism killing the planet for profit’. Climate change is one of the biggest issues facing humanity. But the drive for profits is at odds with making the changes we need. This session will ask how can we transition to a zero emissions economy, and what type of system is best placed to facilitate that?

The final session of the day at 5pm will feature a special guest speaker via video link from Belgium. Belgian students have been at the fore of the global climate strike movement. This session will give us the opportunity to learn some lessons from a Belgian socialist and climate activist.

The school will conclude with a social event. Dinner and drinks will be available by donation, with all funds raised going towards the Socialist Party’s work in the climate movement.

All of the school’s sessions will be held on level 4 of the back building at Trades Hall, 54 Victoria Street Carlton South. A gold coin donation is requested for each session. The venue is wheelchair accessible and childcare is available by prior request.

For more information text 0432 447 036, visit the event page, or contact our national office.

By Socialist Party reporters