Statement of Collaboration With International Socialist Forward


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In recent months comrades from Socialist Action and International Socialist Forward have engaged in a process of ongoing discussion. This has been with a view towards building trust and a principled basis for collaboration between our organisations.

We are pleased to announce that this process has been very fruitful. We intend to deepen our collaboration with regular joint meetings, sharing of material, and other cooperative activities. This is an important step forward for us after experiencing serious problems with the lack of internal democracy in our former parent international, International Socialist Alternative.

Although it took place in different circumstances, we each found ourselves pushed out of ISA against our will. ISF’s original public statement can be read here. Socialist Action still plans to produce a separate statement about the split that took place in Australia.

We remain absolutely committed to revolutionary internationalism and to the task of building an international revolutionary party. This is essential in order to fight for the global unity of the working class and the overthrow of the capitalist system.

We welcome discussion and potential collaboration with other comrades who reject the undemocratic methods we have witnessed, and appeal to members remaining inside ISA to recognise that these methods cannot build a healthy mass international.


Branch of Socialist Action (former Australian section of ISA)

Executive Committee of International Socialist Forward (former Taiwan branch of China/Hong
Kong/Taiwan section of ISA)

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