Magazine of Socialist Action in Australia

Socialist Party statement on Victorian CFMEU election

An ex-member of the Socialist Party, Dave O’Brien, has nominated for the position of Assistant State Secretary of the Victorian branch of the CFMEU (construction division) against the incumbent, Billy Oliver. All other positions are expected to be elected unopposed. The Socialist Party does not support in any way Dave O’Brien’s actions in standing in this election.

We believe the issues we want to raise amongst CFMEU members (eg the need to break with the ALP and help set up a new workers’ party; and what the demands should be in the next EBA round) can be discussed within the democratic structures of the union. Dave O’Brien’s election challenge is doomed to failure and is only diverting the union from the main challenge it faces from the State and the bosses and diverting the union from the discussions we need amongst members to prepare us for the next period.

In light of this we reiterate that neither the Socialist Party or any of its members supports Dave O’Brien’s election challenge politically, financially or in any other way.