Solidarity with sacked workers from Heathrow airport

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On Wednesday August 10th 2005, Gate Gourmet sacked 800 workers employed at Heathrow Airport (London). Fellow workers reporting for duty on Thursday 11th August 2005 were faced with the ultimatum of signing a new contract which would slash pay and conditions or face the sack. Catering assistants are paid just £12,000 a year while drivers are paid less than £16,000 per year.

These are very low wages by any standards, but especially in London one of the most expensive cities in the world. Yet Gate Gourmet is seeking to push them even lower, and the workers even closer to poverty.

The worker union (T&G) believe Gate Gourmet has engineered this situation and has made it clear that the flashpoint issue – the hiring of 130 seasonal workers – was a provocative move because never before had such extra staff been taken on while permanent staff were under threat of redundancy.

The unions campaign is simple; please support the sacked workers in their fight to get their jobs back. Tell Gate Gourmet to re-employ the sacked workers and sit down with the T&G to resolve the dispute.

The Socialist Party and CWI are urging all of our supporters to send a message of solidarity to these workers. This is a very important dispute that our comrades in London are intervening in and messages of support can do a lot to lift the spirits of the sacked workers.

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