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China: Solidarity with the Jasic Technology workers!

Release Shen Mengyu now!
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Since July 18 workers at Jasic Technology, a factory in Shenzhen employing 1,000 workers making machines and robots, have been campaigning to set up an independent democratic trade union.

The company, the local CCP government, and the official state-controlled union, oppose this demand and have viciously cracked down on the struggle.

Police detained 30 workers on July 27, a number of whom were still being held as we go to press. Workers have reported being tortured and physical assaults by the police.

The company has sacked several of the workers who are leading the struggle. A protest was held outside the police station against the repression, and calling for the release of the arrested workers. These workers could be charged with “picking quarrels and provoking troubles” which can result in five years in prison.

On August 11 a leading female activist in the struggle, Shen Mengyu, was kidnapped by unidentified security forces. Her whereabouts are still unknown. The Socialist Party demands her immediate release and the release of the other detained workers.

We demand the responsible local politicians and police officials are dismissed for ordering the crackdown. We demand the immediate recognition of the rights of the Jasic Technology workers to form a democratic and independent trade union and that the dismissed workers be re-instated.

The bosses of this company have close ties to the local CCP government and are determined to quash this attempt to establish a union that is not under the company’s control. They claim there is already a union but the existing union is a fake, yellow union, controlled by the management.

We urge trade union activists in Australia and across the world to take up this case with urgency.

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