The Socialist subscription drive!

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‘Fake news’ was named word of the year last year. However, fake news didn’t begin or end in 2017. The capitalist press often reports lies in order to suit the agenda of their big business backers.

In recent weeks it’s invented African gangs who governments are using as an excuse to divide us and introduce racist new laws. They also regularly promote the idea of the “welfare bludger”. Never mind the fact that there are not enough jobs to go around, it’s a good excuse to attack welfare.

The ownership of the mainstream media is heavily concentrated within a few big companies. It’s these profit-making firms that decide what information and perspectives we hear. Obviously, they are careful not to talk about anything that stops them making money or anything that could undermine their system.

In our search for information that explains what’s really going on, it’s hard to find news that doesn’t come from corporate backers with a capitalist agenda.

The Socialist magazine however is totally different. We don’t take any funding from government bodies or big businesses. Instead our work is financed by our readers and we are largely volunteer run.

Our articles are written by, and for, ordinary people. We promote working class politics and ultimately the fight for socialism. The only support we receive is from people who buy and subscribe to our magazine. This helps pay for our reporting, production and printing costs.

Between February 7 – 21 we are having a subscription drive. We encourage everyone who supports the fight for truth in journalism and for a better world to subscribe during this time. It only costs $50 per year, or $100 if you want to give us a bit extra. If you subscribe during the subscription drive you will also receive a free Che Guevara stubby holder!

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By Kai Perry