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The Coronavirus pandemic is escalating fast. The world is being turned upside down by a combined health and economic crisis. Millions of people are being thrown out of jobs and into despair. Uncertainty dominates, but the struggle between the profiteers and the rest of us continues.

While there are many moving stories about solidarity, we also have many examples of bosses putting profits before people’s lives. Whether it’s price-gouging, standing workers down without pay, or forcing them to come into work when it isn’t safe, the crisis has shown we are not all in this together.

These stories of struggle need to be told, resistance needs to be organised, and the systemic causes of the pandemic need to be explained. Socialist Action plans to keep up this crucial work.

This crisis will lay bare the problems of capitalism for millions of people. But without organisation, their anger will not lead to lasting gains. We need to maintain our organisations of struggle during these difficult times.

While much of our regular work has been disrupted, we plan to continue to agitate, educate and organise as best we can. But even in lock-down and in the online world this costs money!

We do not receive a cent from big business or governments. Our work is funded by our members and supporters. But the absence of face-to-face meetings and street activity has hindered our fundraising abilities.

With this being the case we are asking our supporters for a bit of extra help. Please consider making a one-off donation of $100, $50 or $20. This will help to keep us on our feet over the coming weeks.

But even more important as this pandemic evolves will be regular ongoing donations. $20, $10, $5, or even $2 on weekly basis can help us pay our regular bills and ensure that we come through this crisis strengthened.

Please donate whatever you can via our secure online payment system HERE.

Thanks in advance for your solidarity and generosity!

Yours in struggle,

Socialist Action National Committee

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