Magazine of the Socialist Party, Australian section of the CWI

Slutwalk rally in Melbourne

Close to a thousand people gathered at the State Library last month to protest about violence against women. This was part of the Slutwalk marches that have spread around the world.

The Slutwalk movement began in 2011, after a police officer in Toronto asked women to ‘avoid dressing like sluts in order not to be victimised’. This led to widespread protests demanding an end to victim blaming and shaming.

The protest in Melbourne heard several uplifting speeches and from various people including activists fighting against street harassment and sex workers fighting for their rights.

The protesters marched down Swanston Street with placards denouncing rape culture and chanting about the need for consent and for a woman’s right to choose what she does with her body.

Socialist Party members attended the action with the intention of highlighting the connection between gender based violence and class society.

Profit driven capitalism has no solution to misogyny. It is a system that thrives on the divisions of the working class. While fighting against all forms of sexism and misogyny the only real way to end gender discrimination is to replace capitalism with a socialist society based on equality and co-operation.

By Aishwarya Ramji