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SDA in cahoots with bosses

Domino’s Pizza has been caught out underpaying its workers by $32 million a year!

This is because its workers are not being paid penalty rates for late-night and weekend shifts. Unfortunately, the Shop, Distributive and Allied Employees Association (SDA) has been complicit in this scam.

The SDA did a sweetheart with Domino’s which saw the company increase its profits by 25% at the expense of its workers. Domino’s CEO Don Meij has asserted that the company will not start paying more ahead of a new agreement because it would “set a precedent”.

Meij also complained that Domino’s have not been able to strike a new agreement with the SDA because of the negative publicity the union has received in relation to the other dodgy deals it has signed with Coles and McDonalds.

The SDA is a tame cat union that acts in the interests of the bosses. The fact that this organisation is one of the Labor Party’s largest affiliates is a joke, given that Bill Shorten claims to support penalty rates while the SDA consistently sign deals that sell them away.

The task of building a fighting union for young workers alongside a genuinely left-wing party for the working class is urgent.

By Michael Naismith