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Rogue of the month: Alan Jones

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Thanks to one of our Facebook followers, Jen, for nominating Alan Jones for our latest ‘Rogue of the month’ column. Coincidentally, Jones announced he was retiring from his radio jobs this week…

Jones is a well-known right wing climate change denialist and shock jock based in Sydney. The Sky News and 2GB host recently claimed that concerns about COVID-19 were “nothing more than hysteria”.

He said, “we now seem to be facing the health version of global warming. Exaggeration in almost everything. Certainly in description, and certainly in behaviour.”

Strangely, his dismissal of people’s concerns about their health and livelihoods seemed to be based on the idea that it’s primarily the elderly who are at risk of falling ill or dying.

While it’s true that those over 70 are more at risk from coronavirus, they certainly aren’t the only ones. Those with compromised immune systems or other heath conditions are also high risk.

The fact that the 78 year old Jones was broadcasting while in isolation was lost on few people. It’s easy to complain about the hysteria of the unwashed masses from the comfort of a palatial estate!

The coronavirus also threatens to overwhelm hospital resources, which means that anyone in need of critical care is at risk if there is a shortage of beds.

Jones is a supporter of the government, but it’s been the lack of government foresight, and the years of spending cuts and privatisations, that has made this pandemic so dangerous.

In an attempt to avoid these issues Jones instead used his platform to spread misinformation. Covering for the government and boosting ratings is clearly more important to this man than his own listeners health.

Jones’ claim that we’re facing “the health version of global warming” is actually kind of true, but not in the way that he means it. Both climate change and the coronavirus pose a deadly threat to millions of people.

Both have been exacerbated by the inaction of the world’s ruling elite, and both will require a fightback from ordinary people against the profit-first rule of capitalism.

Jones makes outrageous comments most days, but his flippant and dishonest attitude to the coronavirus make him a very deserving candidate for our latest ‘Rogue of the month’ column.


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