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The Socialist is very different to other publications you may come across. Newspapers like the Daily Telegraph, or magazines like Women’s Weekly, are owned by big business and as such they report matters from the perspective of their capitalist owners.

The Socialist on the other hand is the publication of the Socialist Party, a party made up primarily of workers and young people. We report matters from a socialist viewpoint, where the interests of ordinary people are put first and foremost.

We are not passive observers of society but are fighting to win people to the idea that workers, if organised, are capable of changing the capitalist system and replacing it with a superior socialist society.

Such a society would operate on the basis of socialised public ownership of big industry and a democratic plan of production. Such a set up would allow workers and the community to run and distribute resources and the wealth we produce through our collective labour.

This magazine is a political tool in the ideological battle to win people away from the profit-driven capitalist agenda and to instead encourage them to think along socialist lines. We write and publish the magazine, and its accompanying website (, to help both Socialist Party members and our regular readers to clarify their politics and their approach to the struggles they are involved in.

We expect our readers to be critical as critical thought is the basis from which publications like The Socialist finds life. We are democratic socialists and Marxists and therefore we carry with us the Marxist method embodied in the quote: “other philosophers have attempted to interpret the world but the point is to change it”.

Flowing from this our magazine tries to serve as a guide to action: we aim to arm workers, young people and community activists with the ideas necessary to win struggles and challenge capitalism.

Practice is our measuring stick, we are not armchair commentators but strive to be active in our workplaces, schools and local communities. We are organised in a democratic and disciplined way to achieve the goals we set ourselves. People who agree with our ideas are welcome to join the Socialist Party and to help by contributing to, or selling, The Socialist themselves.

Remember it is the rich and powerful who own and control the capitalist media, while it is ordinary working people who own, produce and democratically decide what goes to print in the pages of The Socialist. We have no need to lie, for the truth is the socialist movement’s greatest ally!

If you agree with what you have read in The Socialist please consider taking out a subscription in order to help us sustain and improve the publication.

Do you have something to say?

We encourage readers to send in your news, views and criticism in not more than 300 words to The Socialist, PO BOX 1015, Collingwood, Victoria, 3066 or by email, HERE.

We reserve the right to shorten and edit letters for publication purposes. Please don’t forget to provide your name, address and phone number. Confidentiality will be respected if requested.

By Socialist Party reporters