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Queensland: Say 'NO' to privatisation!

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The Liberal/National state government has said it plans to sell off more of Queensland’s public assets if it’s re-elected at next year’s state election. Electricity generators and networks, ports and water distribution services are all slated for privatisation.

By Corey Snoek, Socialist Party

Although with public opinion firmly against privatisation the government is trying to spin the sell offs as (very) long term leases instead of privatisations. In reality there is no difference. Control of the assets will be in the hands of private profiteers. Ordinary people will see rising costs, job losses and lesser quality services, while big business makes a fortune at our expense.

Unfortunately even the defeat of the Liberal/National coalition would not be enough to stop the sell off of public assets. The Labor Party also has a long record of privatising public assets. In 2010 Labor privatised the Port of Brisbane on a 99 year lease. They also handed over the parts of Queensland Rail to big business. This resulted in 3,000 jobs lost in the first three months.

The only way to stop privatisation is to build a political alternative to the major capitalist parties. Ordinary people need a party that fights to keep public assets in public hands.