Magazine of the Socialist Party in Australia

Qld: Labor hanging by a thread

In March Billy Gordon, the State MP for Cook, was accused of domestic violence and not paying child support. He was subsequently forced to resign from the Labor Party and pressure has been put on him to leave the parliament.

By Meredith Jacka, Socialist Party

While Gordon has pledged to stay on as an MP the events have highlighted the extremely fragile nature of the minority government in Queensland. With Gordon moving to the cross benches Labor are now two seats short of the 45 seats required to govern in their own right. Labor holds power only with the support of Gordon and fellow independent MP Peter Wellington.

The opposition LNP have cynically jumped on the opportunity in an attempt to further destabilise and discredit the government. Despite the fact that they LNP are playing political games with the allegations, they are serious and should be properly investigated.

The tenuous position Labor finds itself in is indicative of the political crisis facing both the major parties in Australia. There is no enthusiasm for either party with people routinely using one to punish the other. Their rule is so weak in a number of parliaments that the actions of single MPs can make and break governments.