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Public speaking can be hard

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The Liberal Party is a socially conservative organisation. You would be shocked to hear a Liberal even speaking about sex. But this week Victorian Liberal MP Jason Wood spoke about orgasms in the Federal Parliament – multiple times!

Wood was supposed to be talking about genetically modified organisms but got his words mixed up – not once but twice! Public speaking can be hard but it is harder when you are speaking about topics you have absolutely no idea about.

“I support the member for McMillan’s call for the government to conduct an independent broad-ranging scientific investigation into the genetic modification of food and biotechnology to assess not only the health of the crops and the food, but also the potential for contamination, the commercial implications for Australian primary industry, and the benefits and risks associated with genetically modified orgasms, orgasms,” Wood said.

Wood, who is known for his poor speeches in parliament, was a member of the Victorian Police for thirteen years prior to entering Parliament. Clearly in this role he didn’t learn much about either science or sex.

Wood he gave his orgasm speech very late in the evening when the house was almost empty. This is unfortunate as this speech was probably the absolute climax of his career!

By Socialist Party reporters