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The Socialist Party/Socialist Action held its annual Conference on October 5 in Melbourne. The event was an opportunity for the organisation to assess the political situation in Australia and the world, and to outline plans for our work over the coming year.

The National Committee drafted a political statement that was discussed and agreed to over the course of the day. The document titled “Making sense of the quiet Australians” looked at the dominant economic, social and political trends. It analysed some of the issues that Australian capitalism faces, as well as the strengths and weaknesses of the ruling class.

The Conference also discussed the state of the trade union and social movements, the issues the working class faces, and the reasons for the relatively low levels of political activity at the present time. While the capitalists face huge problems, the working class is still struggling to rebuild its political and organisational capacity.

The document concluded that while… “Morrison considers the so-called “quiet Australians” to be his allies now, it is clear that people aren’t happy with their lot and there is no prospect of a positive turn around any time soon. Signs of discontent are already present and this will only get worse when people are asked to further tighten their belts.”

The Conference agreed that the economic situation in Australia is set to get worse and that this will politicise people and stir up struggles. Climate change will likely continue to be a flash point, as will issues like housing and cost of living pressures.

The Conference agreed on a set of targets to help us build the organisation over the next year and the National Committee was re-elected unopposed. The Conference also agreed to a proposal to change the name of the organisation from Socialist Party to Socialist Action. The name of our main publication, The Socialist, will remain the same.

Overall the Conference was extremely productive, being capped off by a fighting fund appeal that raised in excess of $10,000.

“Making sense of the quiet Australians” is available to read online HERE.

By Socialist Action reporters

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