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Common History, Common Struggle

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Lessons from the 1960s – when worker's unity & socialism challenged unionism & nationalism

By Peter Hadden
Preface by Stephen Boyd
Introduction by Ciaran Mullholland

A5 perfect-bound paperback
413 pages

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In Common History, Common Struggle, Peter Hadden demonstrates that the Troubles in Northern Ireland were not inevitable. Fifty years of bloodshed and sectarian conflict could have been avoided.

Internationally the sixties was a decade of revolution and struggle for social and economic change. In Northern Ireland the condition existed for a united movement of Protestant and Catholic working class people to challenge capitalism and sectarianism. A socialist future free from sectarian division and poverty was within reach.

Peter Hadden wrote this book for the new generation of young people who are preparing to challenge today’s Orange and Green sectarian politicians and to struggle for socialism.

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