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Police try to intimidate APEC protesters

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In an attempt to intimidate people planning to protest at the APEC summit in Sydney next week, the Victorian Police have cracked down on a small protest in Melbourne and laid charges against Socialist Party National Organiser, Anthony Main.

Anthony was attending a vigil for the G20 arrestees outside the Melbourne Magistrates court yesterday when the police arrested a man who was placing a pair of nail clippers and a Swiss Army knife in a friend’s bag. It is forbidden to carry any sharp objects into the court room so the man wanted to leave them outside. The man was charged with possession of a knife.

In an over the top fashion the police officers, who were wielding batons, instigated scuffles in which Anthony was caught up in. Anthony was subsequently hit with a police baton up to eight times on the forearm. This footage was shown on all of the television news last night.

After the protesters held a press conference and Anthony spoke about the possibilities of taking legal action against the police, a senior police officer came out saying that they would be charging Anthony with hindering police.

These charges are obviously trumped up and politically motivated. They will have no effect on Socialist Party members attending the APEC protests.

By Socialist Party reporters


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