Pilots defy the odds


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As the pilot’s dispute moves into its fourth month, still only 10% of the airlines own planes are flying. In frustration Tourism Minister Holding has put forward the idea that the pilots who refused to return to work have their licenses revoked!

No wonder John Howard thanked the federal government on the ‘Sunday’ show for “setting a precedent”.

An what has been an absolutely disgraceful example of scabbery by the parliamentary Labor Party, it seems Holding desires to be the biggest scab of all. Should the government succeed in smashing the union the Pilots Federation will be the second union they have destroyed in three years – a record any conservative government would envy.

However, despite all that has been thrown against them, the pilots are holding up extremely well as was indicated by the solid and defiant moods at the recent mass meetings of the AFAP.

The parliamentary Labor Party would do well to remember that the ALP was formed to support workers in struggle, not try and smash them. Victory to the pilots!

By Militant reporters

Originally published in the November 1989 edition of Militant, predecessor of The Socialist

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