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Pakistan: 1400 postal workers sacked

Post office management has sacked 1400 postal workers who have been employed as daily-wage workers for decades. One sacked worker described the situation in these words, ?we worked for this department and served the people for years, but they have sacked us for no reason. Our families have been thrown into abject poverty and hunger.? The sacked workers have announced a fight back and have decided to launch a protest campaign.
By Fazal Abbas Shah, National Chairman TURCP, Lahore, PakistanTrade Union Rights Campaign Pakistan (TURCP) members are involved in this campaign. They are not only helping the sacked workers to organise protests, but also helping them in legal battle.

These sackings are part of the policies adopted by the Musharraf regime at the behest of international imperialist financial institutions like the World Bank and IMF. The Musharraf regime has launched vicious attacks against the working class such as privatisation, retrenchments, and anti-union and anti-worker legislation.

Postal workers are constantly on the receiving end of these attacks because Musharraf appointed an ex-general as head of the Postal Services in 2000. This new boss has introduced many anti-worker policies in the last 5 years. He has sacked more than 300 trade union activists and leaders on false charges in that time.

The TURCP has launched a campaign for the reinstatement of these 1400 Postal workers and will organise protest demonstrations in all the big cities next week. We are also planning to organize a big public meeting involving all the major trade unions in the country.