Magazine of Socialist Action in Australia



S11 protests September 2000

A report from the famous World Economic Forum protests in Melbourne from September 11-13th, 2000. The S11-S13 protests in Melbourne marked a sea change …


Obituary: Joe Ferguson

Joe Ferguson, former president of the Builders Labourers Federation, and one of the most pivotal figures in the turbulent NSW building industry over the …


Vale Ted Bull

Ted Bull, long-time Communist and trade union militant died shortly before Christmas and was farewelled at a well-attended memorial meeting organised by the Victorian …


The GST has got to go!

Make the rich pay! The capitalist press barons think that if they call Prime Minister Howard ‘Honest John’ often enough, we’ll get to believe …


Mobil vs unions in Altona

MELBOURNE: The first big dispute in Victoria within the framework of the new federal Workplace Relations Act (WRA) has erupted at the Mobil cracker …