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Obituary: John Lou, 1953-2003

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With the early rays of summer sun we observed and felt the passing of our comrade Johnny Loh. John was a man whose legacy speaks volumes more than most. A socialist, trade unionist, father, husband and lover, his contributions spanned over 30 years of Australia,s most important period of modern history in the service of the international working class.

He was an easily distinguishable figure in Australia’s most progressive industrial, cultural and counter-cultural movements of the 70s, 80s, 90s and into the new century.

A talented organiser, propagandist and theoretician, he bore battle honours (too many to mention here) preceding the rank and file resistance to the BLF intervention in NSW in 1974, throughout the entire green ban and deregistration period, contributing to the civilisation of OH&S in the construction industry, the CFMEU project, the 36 hour week campaigns and more recent attacks by the federal government task forces.

In his final days, though ill in health, he continued to struggle against industrial bureaucracy and opportunism, and war; a beacon to working people everywhere – a class fighter, a revolutionary.

He finally joins his brother lost so long ago, and now stands alongside those comrades of our whose contribution is marked in history and by which our work will surely be judged.
We share the grief of John?s loved ones but because of him we can be brave as he walks with us in the struggles ahead.

Rest in Peace John Loh.

By Dave O’Brien


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