Magazine of Socialist Action in Australia

Save Millers Point!

The campaign to stop the sell off of public housing at Millers Point in Sydney continues. The same day a report into the evictions was released Millers Point residents received letters stating that all social housing in the area would be sold. Some residents have vowed to stay and fight.

The NSW government has ignored key recommendations in the report including providing new affordable housing in the local area. Professor Phibbs, who peer reviewed the report, said “It seems to be driven by people trying to get their hands on some quick cash rather than thinking about things from a policy perspective”.

Three existing community groups have joined forces to fight the campaign. Already a series of protests have been organised and more are planned.

Barney Gardner, a 65 year old former shipping worker, and lifelong resident of Millers Point, said he would not be moving and that they will have to physically drag him and his neighbours out. “How is it going to look if the government comes through with a sheriff and starts forcibly evicting [elderly] people?” he said.

The government’s attempt to privatise public housing needs to be opposed.

By Gary Duffy