Magazine of Socialist Action in Australia

More jobs face the axe at CSIRO

By Corey Snoek

More than 350 scientists are set to be put out of work over the next two years as the Turnbull government continues the Abbott era cuts to the CSIRO’s budget.

This recent history of cuts has led to research in many vital areas being scaled back or abandoned. Medical research into areas such as cancer and Alzheimer’s disease, water management and bioscience are amongst some of the areas that have been affected.

While the ALP opposition is shedding crocodile tears it should be remembered that the former ALP government oversaw the start of these attacks by slashing hundreds of jobs from the CSIRO while they were in government.

As for the most recent cuts, around 100 jobs are set to be lost in climate change and environmental research. With the adverse effects of climate change becoming hauntingly apparent, any lack of public research into these areas will be especially hard felt in decades to come.

CSIRO workers and supporters will be rallying in Melbourne this weekend. Join them at 12 noon outside the State Library.