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Melbourne Uni students protest Abbott

Students protested at Tony Abbott’s visit to Melbourne University last month. Set to speak at the opening of a new medical research centre on campus, Abbott was met with around 300 demonstrators.

By Corey Snoek, Socialist Party

Students were protesting the government’s recent budget attacks, the cuts to education and healthcare, as well as highlighting the situation faced by refugees travelling to Australia.

Socialist Party students reported heavy handedness from police and while no arrests were made, one student was tackled to the ground by a plain clothes officer drawing him into the path of oncoming cars.

The action follows a series of student protests against the Liberal Party. In Adelaide, Sydney, Brisbane and other major cities, Liberal MPs have either faced protests or attempts to stop them from setting foot on university grounds.

As budget changes come into effect, university students are set to see their course fees triple. $100,000+ debts are set to become the new norm for some courses.

According to the Liberals young people only have two options. Either find work that is increasingly low paid and casualised, or spend a bulk of your life paying back a debt incurred at uni. No wonder students are beginning to fight back.